Leaders for Change Summit

is made up of influential men and women from around the globe, passionate about bringing to light environmental issues that threaten our planet.

From ecologists to leaders in the entertainment industry, from legislators to media influencers, all coming together with the same goal, to protect the conservation of the Galápagos Islands to assure the protection of the environment of the entire globe for future generations.


at Leaders For Change is to champion the sustainable preservation of the Galápagos Islands, recognized globally as a vital ecological treasure.

We aim to foster global awareness and action towards the challenges facing this unique ecosystem, from climate change to biodiversity threats.

Through collaborative initiatives and innovative conservation strategies, we are dedicated to safeguarding the Galápagos for future generations, ensuring its role as a cornerstone in global environmental health.


is to see the Galápagos Islands as a beacon of successful conservation and sustainable interaction between humanity and nature.

We envision a world where the lessons learned and strategies implemented in the Galápagos serve as a global model for environmental stewardship.

Our commitment is to inspire and lead a worldwide movement for ecological preservation, where the protection of the Galápagos echoes as a testament to what can be achieved when we unite for the common goal of safeguarding our planet’s precious natural resources for present and future generations.

Leaders for Change Summit is an incentive created by 8th Gear Entertainment